• Image of SIgned copy of EP - The Man Who Built Christmas - includes one Christmas card
  • Image of SIgned copy of EP - The Man Who Built Christmas - includes one Christmas card

There’s a first time for everything. In a long career of shape-shifting across genres Charlie realised she’d never written a Christmas song.

She says:
‘My whole catalogue was an entirely Christmas-free zone, which was fine by me. That is, except for one song, Santa and Edie, which I wrote for the Green Note’s Festive Show last year. This whetted my appetite for approaching the whole Christmas thing from a sideways angle, like making minature movies with the listener behind the camera. I hadn’t written at all during lockdown, I was completely blocked - but this finally fired my imagination.

1.Santa and Edie
The story of an ageing actor whose one regular job is playing Santa each Christmas for a provincial department store. He’s been there 40 years and all this time has secretly been in love with Edie, who works on the perfume counter, but somehow has missed his chances with her. So far, anyway…

2.The Man Who Built Christmas
The true story of my father on Christmas Eve trying to build a 6 year old me a cardboard puppet theatre from a kit. DIY wasn’t his strength at all and this normally kind and gentle man became a furious bear as he fought his way through the impossible instructions and tried to stay awake. He was up all night.

3.When God Met Richard Dawkins
A swift poke at the long running argument between science and religion. Richard Dawkins and God as little boys aged 3 meet up as they wait in line with their mothers to see Santa at Selfridges. An unseemly brawl breaks out as they discover they both want the same toy. Santa is forced to intervene.’

Your EP purchase includes one handsome Christmas card. Designed and illustrated by Tom Climpson from the original cover art work from the EP. Printed on silk-coated 300 gsm card with a sympathetic tone pale blue envelope. I thought it would be useful either as a accompanyment if you choose to send a copy as a gift - or if it’s for you, as a unique card you know you really won’t find anywhere else.

When you order please do let me know if you’d like the EP signed for you or dedicated to someone else! Official release date is 26th November and we will dispatch from 22nd November onwards.