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Dark Matter is Charlie’s 9th album and although its title might suggest a step into astro-physics, it’s actually more about the mysteries of inner space…

Charlie says, “I’d been reading New Scientist over Mr Tom’s shoulder over the past few years and was fascinated to learn that while Dark Matter makes up 85 to 90% the universe, even scientists still don’t know what it’s made up of - they’re much more certain of what it isn’t than what it is.

This set me thinking about the parallels between massive, eternal themes and small, ordinary dramas, where humans are repeatedly baffled by their own, inner space. I was aiming for a cocktail of speculation, dreams, secrets and the odd joke served up in a slightly blurry glass, probably found in the school science lab.”

All the songs are based on personal experiences, although Charlie admits to changing some names and dates here and there to cover her footprints. Subjects include the notion of having to watch a film of your entire life, in real time, before you check out (Personal Hell), a lover who behaves like a Neutrino, passing through without actual trace (Breakfast of Neutrinos), a celebration of a childhood hero (15 Minutes With Danny Kaye) and a song for anyone who’s ever given their heart to a dog (A Dog Out Looking For His Day). There’s also the true story of a curious courtship in a card shop where ace mastering engineer Denis Blackham met his future wife. (Denis and Rose)
It’s by no means all dark…

Another home-grown project, the album was recorded & mixed in Charlie’s room with co-producer-writer-schoolfriend Julian Littman, except for a couple of days going up-market to borrowTerry Britten’s piano and beautiful vintage equipment at State of the Ark studios. Julian plays guitar, Dobro, mandolin, banjo, piano and percussion (house keys make a return appearance)with Charlie on guitar, piano, ukulele and harmonium.

The album features contributions from the multi-talented Ben Castle on clarinet, Julian’s fellow Steeleye Span bandmate, Jessie May Smart on violin and Tom Rees-Roberts on trumpet.